‘pip-e’ chair created by 菲利普·史塔克 对于 干燥 是一个小的,可堆叠的座椅设计,由聚丙烯制成,高度为47厘米。 相似‘pip-e’ armchair developed in 2007, this monobloc chair features a tubular 设计, however, without the armrest as seen in its predecessor. 管 is suitable 对于 indoor and outdoor use and is available in various colors from white, grey, orange to yellow. ‘pip-e’在 滨海沙龙 2010.


‘pip-e’ chair in orange

菲利普·史塔克:点子椅子 55厘米x 54厘米x 82厘米

菲利普·史塔克:点子椅子 的各种颜色版本‘pip-e’