johannesburg-based mimo建筑师 introduce 的‘smiling ‘位于 假想 natural landscape under 的open sky. 受2020年令人窒息的居家式现实影响深远,该项目以逃避现实的方式定义,旨在充当度假胜地,舒适的巢穴和梦幻般的观星台。 

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settling on a square patch of ground in an 假想 secluded landscape, 的cabin by mimo建筑师 wants to sit in a clearing where it can smile up at 的sky. 结构由混凝土,木材和玻璃制成–或者,它们可以是石头,木头和稻草。其沉重的基础沉入地下,表面焦黑,建筑与茂密的森林地面融为一体,与自然融为一体。 

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的occupants are imagined to be dreamers who roam out in 的breeze by day, sit at 的fireside by night and fall asleep under 的stars. 的‘smiling 舱 ’ is 的place where they rest their heads, in a meticulously crafted environment that protects them from unwanted elements and conditions. ‘the imagining of 微笑的小屋 alone has fulfilled its purpose for us’ mimo建筑师分享。 ‘in some way we are there, arm in arm, looking up through 的smiling window, smelling 的wood, and we will build it one day, when we have a clearing’

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名称: 微笑的小屋
建筑事务所: mimo建筑师



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