interview with 爱彼迎 co-founder 乔·盖比亚
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2008年8月,两名室友坐在他们位于旧金山的公寓里,集思广益地讨租。乔·吉布比亚和布莱恩·切斯基,曾是罗德岛州设计学院的同学,想提出下一件大事,突然有了一个绝妙的主意:他们会在自己的房子里租一张床(实际上是一个充气床垫),然后接待来自世界各地的客人,他们需要在繁忙的加利福尼亚北部城市住宿。 an annual flock of 设计 conference attendees left hotels in the area at maximum capacity, opening up the possibility for gebbia and chesky to invite vacationers into their 首页 for a fair price.


他们的计划迅速扩展,他们的思想充满了想法— they could cook breakfast for their temporary visitors, offer them a ride to or from the airport, and open up their community of personal hotspots and must-sees in the city 那 only locals might know. little could the pair have foreseen 那 their humble, entrepreneurial beginnings would spawn 爱彼迎 — the world’领先的在线住宿平台 拥有数百万的社区,数十亿美元的品牌, and the 2016年排名第一的工作场所

interview 乔·盖比亚 爱彼迎
‘belong. 这里. now.’ is an interactive 安装presented at 设计迈阿密/ (更多关于designboom 这里)
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now, 爱彼迎有 more than 2,000,000 listings worldwide. it has become a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and rent unique accommodations around the world —无论是在伦敦的公寓住一晚,在苏格兰的城堡住一周,还是在托斯卡纳的别墅住一个月。 爱彼迎可以在190个国家/地区的34,000多个城市中以任何价格为人们提供独特的旅行体验。


此外,创始合伙人’对设计的关注和热爱促使公司与周围的创意者合作 the globe, bringing 新兴的 talent to international 艺术 and 设计 fairs, events and exhibitions. 在今年’s 设计迈阿密/,我们遇到了乔 airbnb网站上的gebbia’s interactive installation ‘belong. 这里. now.’gebbia告诉我们有关Airbnb带来的艺术家信息,该公司’的整体创意文化和品牌计划’s 不断扩展的未来。 

interview 乔·盖比亚 爱彼迎
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源梦设计: tell us about the 安装airbnb is presenting for 设计迈阿密/ 2015. why is it important for 爱彼迎 to bring engaging spaces 喜欢这些设计活动吗?


乔·盖比亚: we’在设计迈阿密/博览会的迈阿密,有时阳光明媚,有时多云的时候,现在’站在爱彼迎中间’的安装称为‘’. we’我们邀请了来自世界各地的创意人(主要是新兴的创意人和艺术家)来迈阿密和 介绍他们的工作,并在miami /参加。这样做的目的实际上是为 emerging 来自世界各地的设计师,我们以全新的方式 way.

interview 乔·盖比亚 爱彼迎
艺术家 红红衣 已安装‘100件有意义的事情’ at the 属于。这里。现在。空间
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(继续) 实际上,我们进入了airbnb房东和宾客社区,并呼吁大家提出意见。 we received a few hundred responses 那 come back in, and out of those creatives from around the world, we selected ten. they come from as far as malaysa to chile, london and even brooklyn. they range across disciplines from food, to 艺术, to performance and music, to robots 那 paint portraits for the future. 



爱彼迎 co-founder 乔·盖比亚 talks to 艺术家 红红衣 about her 安装for 属于。这里。现在。




D B: what was the experience like working with these 新兴的 creatives? was it a close collaboration?


JG: well, 设计 and creativity is in the DNA of 爱彼迎. my co-founder and I graduated from the 罗德岛设计学院 and I believe 那 the company is a true reflection of the founders and what their interests are. so at 爱彼迎, we have 独特的艺术和科学的完美结合 创始人的组成—设计和计算机科学。

interview 乔·盖比亚 爱彼迎
爱彼迎’s ‘a place called 首页’ 安装was presented during the 2014年伦敦设计节 
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D B: how important is 设计 culture at 爱彼迎? how has it evolved from since the company’s inception?


JG: 我认为设计文化一直是airbnb的关键部分之一’的增长和全球扩张。已有网站 在一个人之前 could go and rent rooms, but I think one of the things 那 really differentiated us was 那 we 设计ed a more intuitive visitors interface to reach those groups 那 are seeking accommodations.


we lowered the bar for entry for people to try a new way to travel, and we made it easier for people to book rooms and stay at places around the world. but I really think it was because of 设计 那 people felt more comfortable to say ‘好吧,我想我’我会尝试这种新的住宿方式’待在我避风港的人身边’t met yet.’ 设计 was the tool for us to communicate the levels of trust people need to make 那 decision.

interview 乔·盖比亚 爱彼迎
的解释 原始边缘 展示了带有可移动外部面板的灵活设置如何在 home
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D B: in the world 那 tends to be dominated by big businesses, companies like 爱彼迎, uber and kickstarter have created space for 新人,小型工作室和个人商人. how does 爱彼迎 give confidence to those people?


JG: at 爱彼迎, we feel like we have a responsibility to be the stewards for a community of hosts and guests around the world. there has now been 60 million people 那 have stayed with us worldwide 和re’s hosts in 191 countries and over 2 million 首页s listed on 爱彼迎. so we feel a great deal of responsibility to be the right stewards to our global community.


在许多方面,我们之所以’在迈阿密这里将成为全球艺术家和创意团队的管家。有了airbnb, 我们为全球客人创建了平台,现在我们’re 这里 at 设计迈阿密/ to make 那 same platform for 新兴的 creatives and help amplify their voices so 那 they can be heard and be a part of it.

interview 乔·盖比亚 爱彼迎
参与其中‘a place called 首页’, london-based 工作室 想在感官上吸引游客 
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D B: 自从在创建airbnb之前在designboom商店认识您以来,您的个人生活发生了什么变化?


JG: 自毕业以来,designboom在我担任设计师的角色中占有非常特殊的位置。您可能会说,我是从我的第一批产品中开始着手于designboom的。所以,什么’从那以后改变了?能够看到设计如何影响和改变 millions and millions of people. the way 那 you can put an idea into the world, and it can have an impact on people’的生活在您从未梦想过的世界各地…

interview 乔·盖比亚 爱彼迎
爱彼迎’功能齐全的浮动房屋沿泰晤士河航行 (更多关于designboom 这里)
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(继续 ) we have hosts in cuba now 那 see an incredible benefit of having 爱彼迎 in their lives. the average income for people in cuba is about $40 a month, whereas the average income through 爱彼迎 is about $250. so for people there, making a few months worth of income with just a few reservations of hosting guests in your 首页 is really incredible. what’s changed is 那 I can really see the power of 设计 as it cascades around the world 和 way it touches people’几乎生活在每个国家/地区。

interview 乔·盖比亚 爱彼迎
爱彼迎 converts JDS-designed holmenkollen ski jump into a penthouse (更多关于designboom 这里)
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DB:什么让您感到惊讶 公司成功了吗?您一直期望airbnb成为今天的样子吗?


JG: airbnb has 梦想成真。它超出了我们最疯狂的期望。看到出色的工艺设计和照顾所有细节是值得的。付出所有的努力,做设计师应该做的事情,成为世界上可能的最好的设计师,这是值得的, doesn’t matter if 那’s a product, it 没有’无论是服务,应用程序,网站,装置,椅子— that’s our job as 设计ers, to put the best 设计 and best aesthetic out in the world 那 we possibly can.

interview 乔·盖比亚 爱彼迎
爱彼迎’波特兰办公室提供各种工作环境 (更多关于designboom 这里)
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JG: 好吧,我们’在这里,位于miami设计/与此安装相关的内容及其它实际上只是我们线程的延续’一直在。在去年9月的伦敦设计节上,我们在特拉法加广场进行了四项研究 他们全力以赴‘home’ meant to them. and 那 was us supporting two up-and-coming studios and two established studios. then, this past april at salone del mobile in milan, we partnered with fabrica, the 设计 school, to help promote their 新兴的 talent and next class of creatives.

interview 乔·盖比亚 爱彼迎
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(继续) 跟他们, 我们在附近的Crespi宫进行了安装‘hospitality’与家庭的关系。鉴于fabrica的国际影响力以及宫殿的美丽,该活动确实为学生们创造了一种独一无二的展示厅’工作。我们有大约400名记者来见学生’因此,这实际上是在扩大那些崭露头角的设计师和创意者的声音。线程在迈阿密继续—我们有来自世界各地的10位设计师,他们将使用此agora装置来分享自己的声音,并为整个本周在市区的观众带来更多创意。

interview 乔·盖比亚 爱彼迎
in july of 2014, 爱彼迎 unveiled a new branding system for the company (更多关于designboom 这里)



爱彼迎: the story of how a problem turned into an opportunity to host people around the world
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