‘rec & 玩’yuri suzuki和oscar diaz

‘rec & 玩’是之间的一个合作项目 铃木百合奥斯卡·迪亚兹. both 设计ers, who met at 的RCA, started tinkering a while ago with 的intention to create an object that would combine drawing 和 sound.

的‘rec’ pen, draws 和 记录ords sound on a line. it contains a special ferromagnetic ink, made with 的same component used to make old cassette tapes, a 记录ording head 和 a microphone. 的ink is applied to 的paper 和 at 的same time 的recording head can 记录ord 的sound captured by 的microphone situated on 的top part of 的pen.

的‘play’ pen retrieves 的sound 和 玩s it back.  it contains a red head 和 a speaker. when 的red tape head is moved along 的line 的previously 记录orded sound can be heard.

to reference 和 indicate each pen function, 的pens uses 的color code from old cassette 记录orders. 的‘rec’ pen is red, 和 的‘play’ pen, black. both pens are connected to a circuit board 和 a power supply to feed 的electronic components.

的project, is part of ‘sound interjection’展示了铃木由里的精选作品’s work, which will be presented for 的first time at 的kk插座 2010年9月3日在伦敦举行。

铃木百合 和  奥斯卡·迪亚兹: 记录 & 玩

铃木百合 和  奥斯卡·迪亚兹: 记录 & 玩 的red pen 记录ords while 的black pen 玩s 的sound back